Англо-русский тематический словарь с иллюстрациями

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The textbook is designed on the average hours and includes a vocabulary with english, german and french translation. Summary Dictionary of Modern Russian Vocabulary. Publisher: Russian Language, Moscow. This is the second part of a course in Russian for adults, and as a self-paced study requires between 80 and hours to complete.

Heavily illustrated with both black and white and color photos and drawings. Barkhudarov, Kryuchkov, Maksimov. A textbook for grades Moscow, Education, ISBN: Stanislav Chernishov. New and latest edition. Textbook only.

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Published in 8th edition , Saint Petersburg, Russia. Each lesson contains a number of practical exercises which help students develop the skills necessary to use the basic structures of the Russian language. This is a study guide with practice exercises for Let's Talk in Russian Book 1.

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Language Study Filter Applied. Language see all. Russian Filter Applied. Subject see all. Type see all. Special Attributes see all. Guaranteed Delivery see all. No preference. Condition see all. Brand new. Like new. Very good. The presence of this characteristic in the semantic field of the concept "machine" is evidence of the fact that English speakers appreciate comfort and practicality.


In many respects, the presence of the meaning "utility" of "machine" in British linguistic consciousness is based on the perception of the machine as a symbol of independence, of the ability to conduct activities with minimum human control or completely without it. H7B "During the day users are responsible for inputting their own data, while at night this machine runs commercial batch work". At the same time it is necessary to emphasize that the word "machine" in the British linguistic consciousness has negative connotations due to the fact that it endangers lives of people: AP "They used a machine gun to tell us so".

Both in the English linguistic consciousness and in naive linguistic world view the machine is opposed to humanity, reflecting an inability to exhibit feelings and emotions. This aspect manifests itself in the following contexts:. Standard expressions with the lexeme "machine" are reflected in classic literature.

An evil machine, when angry Chertkov, Jane Eyre reproaches Mr. Rochester: "Do you think I can stay to become nothing to you? Do you think I am an automaton?


These examples show that violence and insensibility towards human values constitute a semantic base of the lexeme "machine" in Russian and English cultures. In the English language world view a phraseological unit "run as a well-oiled machine" also depicts the machine as an efficient system. Furthermore, there is an opposition between the machine and art fixed in the English language.

This idea is not reflected in the Russian naive world view: A08 "But a work of art, so-called, is not a machine". A08 "Art is not a machine, he wrote, and it is not an organism". The phrase is used in contemporary literature to describe an unexpected resolution of a problem, which occurs with the help of an unexpected intervention by a third party. Mikhail Bulgakov uses this idea in his science-fiction novella "The Fatal Eggs", naming his last chapter "Frosty God on a Machine" the frost unexpectedly appearing in August kills snakes and crocodiles attacking Moscow.

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky evoke this expression in their novels. The phrase was coined by the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes when comparing public institutions with some mechanism in his essays. A complex of Russian proverbs is of fundamental importance for the associative field of the concept "machine". The analysis of typical contexts and fixed phrases where the key element is the word "machine", helps to reveal symbolic characteristics underlying metaphoric transformation while forming an associative field of a concept. Evidently, the machine is a symbol of power and complexity; it implies an absence of emotions in the Russian linguistic world view as well as in the English.

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Moreover, the English linguistic world view established symbolic characteristics underlying the metaphoric transformation while forming the associative field of the concept "machine". In Russian the associative field of the concept "machine" does not include any sense of human utility, autonomy, danger and menace, or opposition to art.

Thus, the analysis of lexical semantic variants of the concept "machine" aimed to present basic images that are revealed in the collective consciousness of Russian and English. The symbolic characteristics serving as a base for the concept "machine" are fixed vocabulary entries. The symbolic characteristics fall into typical contexts and standard scenarios in Russian and English cultures.

Being formed in the collective consciousness, these concepts represent a combination of cognitive particularities and ways of perceiving axiological priorities of the world by an ethnic group.

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Opposition of the man and the machine is the main idea present in the concept "machine" in both the Russian and English linguistic world views. Moreover, we have revealed a diversity of metaphoric transfer examples not typical of the other language. This examination reveals specific axiological notions of the national consciousness fixed in the linguistic world view of different languages. British National Corpus. Electronic version. Cambridge dictionary. Chertkov, V. Tolstoi L. Polnoye sobranie sochinnii. Moskva, Leningrad. Complete Works]. Dal, V. Tolkovii slovar jivogo velikorusskogo yazika, vol.

Emer, Y. Sovremennii folklore: kognitcii i discursi. Gaaze, K. The machinery of government with minor breakages. Publication of the Pennsylvania State University.

Marugina, N. Kontcept "sobaka" kak element russkoi yazikovoi kartini mira. Language and Culture. Mishankina, N. Metafora v nauke:paradox ili norma?. Ozhegov, S. Russkii tolkovii slovar: 80 slov i frazeologicheskih virajenii. Russkii assotziativnii slovar.

Англо-русский тематический словарь с иллюстрациями Англо-русский тематический словарь с иллюстрациями
Англо-русский тематический словарь с иллюстрациями Англо-русский тематический словарь с иллюстрациями
Англо-русский тематический словарь с иллюстрациями Англо-русский тематический словарь с иллюстрациями
Англо-русский тематический словарь с иллюстрациями Англо-русский тематический словарь с иллюстрациями
Англо-русский тематический словарь с иллюстрациями Англо-русский тематический словарь с иллюстрациями

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