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It goes against much of the received wisdom and offers novel solutions to many problems: among them, discussions of time asymmetry in classical mechanics, an empiricist alternative to typicality, a criticism of the role of ergodicity, the notion of a physical observer and the irrelevance of information theory to the foundations of statistical mechanics. Readers interested in the foundations of physics will welcome such a fresh outlook on these topics.

Mathematical Foundations of Statistical Mechanics

He has written on various issues in the foundations of quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics. She has written on the foundations of classical and quantum statistical mechanics and on the rationality of science.

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  • Volume II: Nonequilibrium Phenomena.

Time asymmetric phenomena are successfully predicted by statistical mechanics. Yet the foundations of this theory are surprisingly shaky.

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Its explanation for the ease of mixing milk with coffee is incomplete, and even implies that un-mixing them should be just as easy. In this book the authors develop a new conceptual foundation for statistical mechanics that addresses this difficulty.

Statistical Mechanics: An Introduction (PHY)

Explaining the notions of macrostates, probability, measurement, memory, and the arrow of time in statistical mechanics, they reach the startling conclusion that Maxwell's Demon, the famous perpetuum mobile, is consistent with the fundamental physical laws. Mathematical treatments are avoided where possible, and instead the authors use novel diagrams to illustrate the text.

Entanglement and the foundations of statistical mechanics | Nature Physics

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Front Matter Pages i-xv. Pages Theory of Probability. It offers a precise and mathematically rigorous formulation of the problems of statistical mechanics, as opposed to the non-rigorous discussion presented in most other works. It provides analytical tools needed to replace many of the cumbersome concepts and devices commonly used for establishing basic formulae, and it furnishes the mathematician with a logical step-by-step introduction, which will enable him to master the elements of statistical mechanics in the shortest possible time.

After a historical sketch, the author discusses the geometry and kinematics of the phase space, with the theorems of Liouville and Birkhoff; the ergodic problem in the sense of replacing time averages by phase averages ; the theory of probability; central limit theorem; ideal monatomic gas; foundation of thermodynamics, and dispersion and distribution of sum functions.

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  5. It is clear, concise, and rigorous. There is a very good chapter on the ergodic theorem with a complete proof! Kac, Quarterly of Applied Mathematics.

    Foundation of statistical mechanics Foundation of statistical mechanics
    Foundation of statistical mechanics Foundation of statistical mechanics
    Foundation of statistical mechanics Foundation of statistical mechanics
    Foundation of statistical mechanics Foundation of statistical mechanics
    Foundation of statistical mechanics Foundation of statistical mechanics

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