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This drastically increases the bandwidth required to deliver the same amount of data. Additionally, kernel versions up to and including 4. Follow NakedSecurity on Twitter for the latest computer security news. Your link of how to fix Debian leads to a RedHat support site. Thankfully the Ubuntu information looks like it should also work. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Skip to content. XG Firewall. Intercept X. For Home Users. Free Security Tools. Free Trials. Product Demos. Award-winning computer security news. Previous : Pass the salt! Whonix is a Debian based operating system that focused specifically on anonymity privacy and security. Whonix provides security by isolation.

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This operating system is developed by two major programs. One is a workstation, and the other one is Gateway. The gateway acts as a middleman here, and it forces all the connection to go through Tor network. So there is no opportunity for the IP address to be leaked and this is how the Whonix OS keeps you secured.

Download Whonix. Maybe you are trying to keep your data safe and yet to find out any better security distro for your Linux Operating System.

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Let your scare fly away. Here you have Discreete Linux OS called one of the most secure Linux distros to protect your valuable data. Download Discreete Linux. Do you love to stay fully anonymous while surfing the internet? Then Kodachi Linux is one of the best most secure Linux distros that you would love to have. Many users are saying that this is the most secure Linux distro that they have ever had. Personally, I have never tested though. You can choose the exit routes country whenever you surf the internet.

This operating contains many other useful application like Pidgin internet messenger , Transmission , VirtualBox , Geany, FileZilla and many more. Finally, I must say, this Operating System comes with everything that a user needs to be secured. Download Linux Kodachi. BlackArck Linux is a new Linux security distro which is designed especially focusing on Pen Testing and Security research. It comes up with a vast number of tools that is twice even thrice as more as Kali Linux has.

BlackArch Linux 1 of 3. This is straight Out Of The Box, right? They can be installed separately or if you want you can install in a group as well. This operating system is straightforward to use. This OS is lightweight enough so you can run it in any hardware. This OS is significantly smaller than the other OS out there and pretty easier to manage. Heads use only free software that means this OS gives more value on users freedom and community.

Like the other OS above Heads also uses Tor so that you can be anonymized while surfing online. All of your traffics are enforced to go through Tor by default, but they give the option to make it stop if you want. Heads always give priority to their users. Like Tails, Subgraph Operating system is also a Debian based operating system which prevents the surveillance and interference by sophisticated adversaries from the Internet.

This OS is designed for everyone.

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  • Subgraph OS 1 of 3. Grsecurity patchset provides a package of security such as addressing space protection, enhanced auditing, and process control. This security distro is good to use to browse the web, emailing, chat and sharing any files through the internet anonymously. All of the connections are routed to go through I2P software. IprediaOS 1 of 2. This Operating System is competitively fast then Tor even you are going to use it on your older computer this OS will work well on that as well.

    If you are looking for a user-friendly security distro that will allow you the freedom to modify it. Then PureOS is that one. It will protect your privacy by avoiding the personal search results. You can ask for its source code even you are allowed to modify it as well. Openwall is a security-enhanced Linux distro based operating system which is specially designed for servers and Applications. Openwall provides security by reducing the flaws in its software components with the Openwall patch Best known as a non-exec stack patch.

    Openwall Linux 1 of 3.

    Debian -- Security Information -- DSA linux

    Alpine Linux is a mus libc, and BusyBox based most secure Linux distro. It is so lightweight that you can ever think. The size of its base system is around 5 MB which is smaller than the other systems available out there. And this is why this Linux distro is that much popular. Its another component BusyBox includes a lot of tools, and very few of them are bunzip2,bzip2, less, lzma, unlzma, vi, wget. Those tools are in an Alpine base image that is not in Debian base image. Container Linux is a lightweight Linux Distro which is designed for clusters and server.

    This software updates automatically when they need to be updated which improves security. Here I have reviewed the 15 Most Secure Linux Distros available out there, some of which I have tested personally and the rest I have ranked by exploring the best features from their website, researching on the internet, gathering reviews from the users.

    So I hope you will find this article helpful in choosing the best one for yourself. If it does so, then please share it on your social media, with your friends and family who are also trying to have the best one for themselves. Subgraph OS deserves 1 easy to install and safe. Qubes is a great contender. For most starting Linux users concerned about security openSUSE Tumbleweed is already a leap forward and very easy to handle especially when the user comes from a windows environment.

    Kodachi — the most secure,has full protection , a free VPN … But if you go and look at the wrong website or download something from a torrent site, they may van you from their network,therefore pulling the plug on your free VPN protection, IP address hiding. Will try Parrot OS, but think I have before, and it was okay. Open OS firewall ran, but thats all. Kali Linux is actually one of the LEAST secure distros, since every session gives you root privileges without a password.

    If you want a good pen-testing distro that you also want to use as your main distro, consider Parrot Security. Linux Kodachi would have been on the top if you have tested it I use to use tails but since I found Kodachi I say its the best when it comes to privacy and anonymity no one can beat it period. Kodachi steals your resources by mining litecoin in the background, then sends the hashes back to the devs. A lot to learn. I am new to Linux. I just bought a book, about Ubuntu. I am looking for high security, in all areas.

    SEC506: Securing Linux/Unix

    I was a diesel Tec and an Instructor. Thank You, so very much!! You forgot the most secure of them all, Gentoo. Compiling executables from source and removing support for things that you do not need,extra languages, whittle out the kernel as only you need it, the list is quite extensive for it. That means a lot less for a hacker to utilize to get into your system. That and it has incremental updates. Sad that this one did not get mentioned.

    It would truly be at the top of them all. I would say so.

    Linux Security Course - 8. Hardening Linux

    Do you Jonathon know how to build a systemd platform from scratch? Do you believe that Windows is more secure than Qube OS? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Top 15 Most Secure Linux Distros 1.

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